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NOTE: Please refresh your browser on each page each time you visit here so any new items will show up. Also, since I'm so lax in updating this website, please check out my Ravelry page where everything I make is posted. If you see anything there that you might be interested in, just email me and we can discuss price and availability. Not all items there are available for sale, but most are.

Please note that I only have ONE item of anything that is available for purchase (i.e., not "sold"). If you want more than one, it will take longer to ship, as I'll have to make the additional item(s). I would prefer that you email me if you want more than one of anything, just to make sure that I can still get the same color yarn.

I've been crocheting for over 40 years, making everything from baby clothes to Christmas decorations. I really enjoy crocheting afghans, but really, how many can one person have? I also enjoy making baby layettes, but I have no babies any more, and I've been making ponchos in all sizes, since they're so popular now. I've recently started knitting again, but my first love is crocheting. But I can't possibly keep all the stuff I make, so I've decided to sell some of my creations. These include afghans for adults, children, and babies, doilies of various shapes and sizes, from small to very large, baby layettes (sweaters, bonnets, booties, and afghans in various combinations), children's items, children's ponchos, hats and scarves, items for the holidays and around the house, and wearables (including adult ponchos, shawls, and slippers). Afghans and doilies make wonderful bridal shower and wedding gifts, as well as Christmas and anniversary gifts. Baby afghans and layettes make great baby shower and new baby gifts.

The Afghan Galleries show small images of all the afghans that are currently available, with links to the larger images (be patient; the images are quite large and will take a few moments to load into your browser). New afghans will be added to the gallery as they are completed, so check back often. I also take special requests for colors and patterns of your choice. I can make afghans in your school colors (great for students living on or near campus). Unless otherwise stated, all afghans are made of 100% acrylic and are machine washable and dryable. However, I suggest washing anything handmade on the gentle or delicate cycle in cold water.
The Doily Galleries will be up as soon as I get photos of all my doilies, which number well over 100!
The Baby/Child Items Gallery has baby layettes, baby sweaters, toddler/young child items, and pre-teen items. The Children's Ponchos Gallery includes ponchos from infant size to young teen size.
The Hats & Scarves Gallery has, well, hats & scarves! I have several very stylish ladies' hats that can be used as chemo caps.
The Holiday Gallery has mostly Christmas items, but other holdiays will be covered in time.
The Household Items Gallery includes things for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, such as potholders, hot pads, tissue box covers, rugs, etc.
The Wearables Gallery includes ponchos, shawls, slippers, and more.
The Other Items Gallery has items that don't fall into any of the above categories.
If you have any special requests, you can contact me either by phone (225-673-4910) or e-mail ( to discuss special orders.

All online purchases are handled through PayPal (sorry, U.S. orders only; other countries, contact me). I will also accept checks, but they must clear the bank before I ship your purchase. Contact me via email or phone (225-673-4910) if you prefer this method of payment. Please see the shipping rate chart for shipping charges. When paying by check, I can usually give you the exact shipping cost. If it's less than the shipping rate chart, that's all I'll charge you.


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Contact Info:

Rita Miller
Gonzales, LA 70737
Tel: (225) 673-4910
Cell: (225) 571-3587


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